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Upgrade Your AquaCalc Pro
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Upgrade your AquaCalc Pro to an AquaCAlc Pro Plus

The older AquaCalc Pro has been discontinued and replaced by the AquaCalc Pro Plus. Firmware versions for the older AquaCalc Pro begin with 1. The latest version of firmware for the older AquaCalc Pro is 1.3.7.

JBS is offering discounted upgrades to the new AquaCalc Pro Plus for all existing AquaCalc Pro owners. Please contact JBS to find our how you can upgrade to:

  • Recharable AA batteries
  • USB Connection
  • Improved user interface
  • Automated download of section discharge measurements

You can still update your existing AquaCalc Pro to the latest Pro firmware using DataLink 3.

AquaCalc Pro firmware version updating

Click here to go to the AquaCalc Pro download page to download this firmware.

Should I upgrade?

We recommend that you upgrade your AquaCalc Pro to this latest version.

Which firmware version do I have?

To determine which firmware version you have:

Select “5) System Preferences” from the AquaCalc Pro’s Main Menu, then select the “About” soft-key. The third line will list a string like AQP-1V1.2.1. The characters following the “V” are the version number.

How do I upgrade?

There are four basic steps in updating your firmware.

    1) Download all of the data from your AquaCalc Pro using DataLink.

    2) Download the AquaCalc Pro Firmware Updater. Click here to go to the AquaCalc Pro Download page.

    3) Install the Updater program to your computer.

    4) Run the Updater and follow the on-screen directions to update your firmware.

    For more information and

    If you need help installing this update,
    please give us a call,
    we will be happy to assist you.

AquaCalc LLC. telephone +1.916.372.0534 e-mail: sales@aquacalc.com

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