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Go to Transect - AquaCalc stores up to 9 separate stream transects.

Go to Observe # - Takes you to one of the 99 stations (or stream positions) that can be stored for each transect.

Next Observe - Moves to the next station location in the transect.

Measure - Starts the automatic measurement process.

Observe Depth - Used to select the vertical meaurement position for a station measurement, when needed.

Calculate Discharge - Displays total stream discharge at the touch of a button.

Previous Station - Moves to the previous station in your transect.

Set Distance - Press this button to set the distance of the current measurement along your tag line.

Coeff - When needed, a cosine adjustment compensates for measurements taken that are not parrellel to stream flow. Or enter a method coefficient which can adjust for other factors.

Set Depth - Press when you want to enter the depth of the measurement. Hold to enter an estimated depth.

+/- - Used when entering a reverse stream flow.

Set Up - Puts you in the set up mode, for customizing the way the AquaCalc operates.

Erase - Used to delete all of the entries in a transect.

Enter - Used to complete the entry of numbers.

On - Turns on the AquaCalc..

Off - Hold down for three seconds to turn it off.


The AquaCalc 5000

The AquaCalc Keypad

The AquaCalc display showing the details of an Observation in Transect 1.

The AquaCalc Display


AquaCalc 5000 Keypad

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We have replacement parts and cables for the AquaCalc line of stream flow computers including the Digital Pygmy Magnetic Head retro fit your old Pygmy Current Meter with a new digital magnetic sensor.

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