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AquaCalc 5000 Keypad
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The AquaCalc 5000


The AquaCalc Keypad

The AquaCalc Display

Go to Transect - AquaCalc stores up to 9 separate stream transects.

Go to Observe # - Takes you to one of the 99 stations (or stream positions) that can be stored for each transect.

Next Observe - Moves to the next station location in the transect.

Measure - Starts the automatic measurement process.

Observe Depth - Used to select the vertical meaurement position for a station measurement, when needed.

Calculate Discharge - Displays total stream discharge at the touch of a button.

Previous Station - Moves to the previous station in your transect.

Set Distance - Press this button to set the distance of the current measurement along your tag line.

Coeff - When needed, a cosine adjustment compensates for measurements taken that are not parrellel to stream flow. Or enter a method coefficient which can adjust for other factors.

Set Depth - Press when you want to enter the depth of the measurement. Hold to enter an estimated depth.

+/- - Used when entering a reverse stream flow.

Set Up - Puts you in the set up mode, for customizing the way the AquaCalc operates.

Erase - Used to delete all of the entries in a transect.

Enter - Used to complete the entry of numbers.

On - Turns on the AquaCalc..

Off - Hold down for three seconds to turn it off.


The AquaCalc display showing the details of an Observation in Transect 1.

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