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Year 2020 Problem / Bug

Last edited 5/01/2020


AquaCalc 5000 Advanced firmware version H8c and earlier shows the year as “1920” instead of “2020” on the AquaCalc 5000 Output CSV file. This problem only appears in the output header under “DATE”.


It does not affect the quality or value of the transect velocity or discharge value. It only affects the first two digits of the  year in the header.



AquaCalc 5000 (tm)  by JBS Instruments
Firmware Version AQCUSH8c (c)1995-2000

        GAGE ID#  ,0
            DATE  ,01/30/1920
        TRANSECT  ,07
        USER ID#  ,0
        SH BEGIN  ,0.00
          SH END  ,0.00
        GH BEGIN  ,0.00
          GH END  ,0.00




We last worked on new firmware for the AquaCalc 5000 in the year 2000 to handle the Year 2000 changeover. We have not altered the firmware since.


This bug / problem is related to the Year 2000 change. It appears that the programmer at the time only made provision through 2019 for years ending in 00-19. These have been translated to “2000 – 2019” anything before or after remains a “19xx”. We didn’t know that. So when you enter “19” for the year, the AquaCalc 5000 reports 2019. But when you enter “20” for the year, it reports 1920.


We have stopped all further development of the AquaCalc 5000 firmware and do not know what we can do to fix this problem.


Please contact Customer Support or look on our website in the future.



AquaCalc 5000 Year Problem

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