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Identifying Your Firmware version: AquaCalc Pro

From the Main Menu of the AquaCalc Pro:

  1. Select “System Preferences”.
  2. In the System Preferences screen Select the About softkey.

The firmware version number is displayed on the second line below the Serial Number (S/N) and will look like: 

F/W: AQP-1V1.x.x 

The numbers following the “V” identify the firmware version.

Identifying Your Firmware version: AquaCalc 5000

The AquaCalc 5000 comes with either of two versions of firmware: The Basic (G) firmware or the Advanced (formerly known as the Professional Series) firmware (H). There may be several revisions within each version (such as G1-G7a or H1-H7a, etc.).

The version of firmware you have in your AquaCalc can be determined when you first turn on the unit. The display will first flash the opening screen looking something like:

JBS Inst. 199x

which show the model and date of the firmware. This is followed by a second screen that will show the letter and numbers identifying the version and revision numbers.

Identifying Basic firmware versions

When first turned on the Basic firmware will show:

Version AQC5.G5
Copyright 199x

The above shows the Basic firmware (G) revision 5, for the AquaCalc 5000 with a built-in clock (AQC5).

Recent Basic firmware revisions

Advanced Firmware

The Advanced firmware will show a screen like the following for revisions H1 through H6.

Version AQC5-US.H
Copyright 199x

For older versions, there is no way to tell which revision you have. More recent versions will show the complete version number and letter:

Copyright 2000

Recent Advanced Revision History

Identifying Your AquaCalc Version

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